August 9th, 2010


Hetalia Seiyuu Event

Squee! I love them all! ♥

Germany's voice actor, Hiroski Yasumoto, is particularly smexy. And I just wanna hug Russia's voice actor, Yasuhiro Takato. He's even seen holding Yuki Kaida's panda purse. ^_^

And may I steal  Katsuyuki Konishi (America/Canada) and Noriaki Sugiyama (England), along with Austria's Akira Sasanuma and Prussia's adorably cute seiyuu Atsushi Kousaka?

(if only there were English subtitles ...)

The actors doing the voiceovers live are shown at about 51:00. And for the fun of it at around 68:00, they try to voice other characters. XDD