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Super Junior Fanfiction - Sick Days

Title: Sick Days
Author: mystic-majestic
Disclaimer: I don’t own Super Junior. Sadly.
Characters: Leeteuk + every member of Super Junior
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When Leeteuk gets sick, it’s up to everyone else to take care of him.

Sick Days


When Leeteuk gets sick –

The signs are subtle but Eunhyuk can tell.

That little cough. Every sneeze. The way Leeteuk rubs his forehead. How he sometimes blinks, dazed and dreaming.

They were all signs of a coming cold.

But Leeteuk waves it aside. He goes to his schedules like it was nothing, running back and forth from each growing numbers of events and activities, barely taking a rest, always putting on a smile for the audience.

However, once he arrives back home, his shoulders sag and he collapses into the nearest chair or bed, to sleep. He wears warmer, long-sleeved clothes and more jackets to fight off the cold, trembling even when the heat is on.

He forces himself to act happy and hyper when the others are around, jumping, yelling, laughing, even when he clearly desires to stay in his room and rest. Leeteuk always pushes himself to the extremes, for others, for his members, for the fans.

So Eunhyuk does what he can to help. Such as giving Leeteuk his jacket when he gets cold. Or handing him a glass of water whenever he starts to cough. Or rubbing his back after a long, hard day after Kiss The Radio.

Even if it is just a small thing, it still is something he can do for his leader.


O – o – o – O


When Leeteuk gets sick –

Everyone, especially Kangin, notices how more easily exhausted Leeteuk gets. Though there may be a permanently plastered smile on his face and he continually claims that he’s not sick, his body often betrays him in what he is actually feeling.

There is no usual happy bounce or skip to his steps. Each movement he makes is slower and without much energy. His eyes don’t sparkle and gleam like they normally do. In fact, they seem dull, almost lifeless, as if the light and joy has been sucked out of them.

 But still, he holds up the charade that he’s fine and can still do the things a healthy person can do. Such as staying up to 3 am in the morning to watch TV with the others.

He has fallen asleep on the couch, leaning sideways into Kangin’s shoulder. The others turns off the TV and annoyingly does nothing but watches him as he tries to get Leeteuk to wake up.

“ Teukie hyung, go to bed,” Kangin finally says, tugging at Leeteuk’s arm.

“ In a minute,” he mumbles, making no intention of getting up.

He groans, not in frustration at the lack of movement, but for the fact that he knows that Leeteuk is just playing with him. “ Come on. My arm is hurting,” he whines playfully, hoping it will make Leeteuk move.

But it doesn’t and he only sighs comfortably, snuggling close to Kangin’s shoulder with a suspiciously sweet smile. “ Can’t you carry me?” he whines.

Sungmin and Heechul sniggers, while he throws them a glare of retribution for later once he gets Leeteuk off his shoulder. “ Fine. Have it your way,” he grumbles for Leeteuk’s ears alone.

In a single, fluid movement, he lifts Leeteuk from the couch with a grunt and heads to Leeteuk’s room, where he can sleep in a much more comfortable place.

It really does make him wonder exactly how much does Leeteuk have him – them all wrapped around his finger.


O – o – o – O


When Leeteuk gets sick –

Somehow, Heechul knows. This comes from being Leeteuk’s roommate for quite a while now.

As he dresses, he will yell and occasionally throw an article of clothing at the unmoving figure still lying on the bed. If that doesn’t wake him up, he will plop next to Leeteuk and start shaking him, poking him, tickling him.

It will be then that Heechul realizes that Leeteuk is sick.

His skin will be hot to the touch and his cheeks flushed. Sweat dampens strands of his hair, making them coat together in clumps. Each breath Leeteuk draws will be ragged and hoarse. If he opened his eyes, Heechul can clearly see how disoriented and feverish they look.

By then, the other members will start knocking at the door and annoy them with their loud, pestering voices. He irritably tells them to go away, because Leeteuk isn’t well and needs more rest. Not the noise and racket that they will surely bring if they enter.

Of course, they don’t listen and come in anyways. It isn’t until they see how bad Leeteuk is that they begin to cause an even noisier racket. They all become mother hens when it comes to their leader, really.

Finally, irritated beyond compare, he very calmly tells them if they don’t leave this room now, they will all find something very painful and sharp in their beds tonight. And just like that, they all scamper away with their tails behind their legs. 

With a sigh, he gets up and with a rare moment of gentleness, tucks Leeteuk carefully into his covers. “ Get some rest, hyung,” he says, just before he closes the door.

As soon as the door shuts with a tiny click, Leeteuk blearily raises his head. “ Thank you,” he whispers before rolling over and falling back to sleep. This time, in peace.


O – o – o – O


When Leeteuk gets sick –

It’s not hard for Sungmin to see how lonely he could get, once everyone else in the apartment has to go to their schedules and leave him behind.

During these times when he is sick, everyone tries to have at least one person with him to keep any eye on him. But oftentimes, all their schedules are too tight and rigid that they have no choice but to leave Leeteuk by himself in their apartment.

And so, on this particular day, they all go their separate ways to their schedules, guiltily avoiding Leeteuk’s eyes or the way Leeteuk will cheerfully assure them that he was fine on his own.

This isn’t the first time they left him alone, leaving him alone in the dark, hiding from plain view, keeping his troubles to himself until it may be too late.

Only this time, Sungmin is determined not to make the same mistake.

“ Here, hyung.” He presses his favourite pink stuffed bunny onto Leeteuk’s surprised hands.

“ And this is for -?”

“ To keep you company,” he proudly declares.

The way that Leeteuk glows and he tenderly cradles the bunny close to his chest is more than enough to make Sungmin happy and know that Leeteuk is in safe hands.


O – o – o – O


When Leeteuk gets sick –

He looks absolutely miserable. His eyes are haggard, cheeks pale and body weary. And it hurts Kyuhyun to watch him suffer like this.

Determined to make sure that Leeteuk doesn’t have to do anything more than he has to, Kyuhyun takes it upon himself to do more of the chores, such as washing the clothes, washing the dishes, sweeping the floors and taking out the garbage, so at least Leeteuk can rest a bit more easily.

But even without doing the chores, he remains trapped in the throes of his sickness. So today, Kyuhyun decides to do something different.

“ I’m going to give you a massage, Teukie hyung,” he says abruptly after dinner. Leeteuk looks at him in amusement with a vaguely familiar smile. “ I’m serious. I’m going to give you a massage and you can’t stop me.”

There were a few murmurs of “Oh, Kyuhyun is becoming aggressive” and “Does he even know how to massage?” But he ignores them as he pulls Leeteuk to the couch and sets him down. Doing it the way he sees on television before, he puts his hands on Leeteuk’s shoulders and begins to slowly move them up and down in a soothing manner.

“ Does that feel better, hyung?” he asks, worried that he was doing it wrong.

The only answer he gets is a soft groan of satisfaction. “ Yes. A lot better,” Leeteuk sighs, shoulders relaxing.

He continues for some time, losing track of time, concentrated on working out the tension and strains on Leeteuk’s back, until he realizes that Leeteuk is slumped against the couch, fast asleep in a peaceful slumber. To his satisfaction, there were no crumples of stress on Leeteuk’s eternally youthful face. And at least for tonight, he can finally get a good sleep without enduring through his coughs and sneezes.

Kyuhyun gently pulls a blanket over Leeteuk and quietly slips out of the room.


O – o – o – O


When Leeteuk gets sick –

Siwon notices how alarmingly quiet it is in their apartment.

Leeteuk’s uniquely special laugh isn’t heard around much and his voice, usually loud and cheerful, has become raspy and croaking. He doesn’t speak as much anymore, due to his sore throat and hacking coughs that sucks the breath right out of him.

He doesn’t like the way Leeteuk eats less and less at each meal and how appalled and disappointed Hankyung gets when Leeteuk pushes away a half-finished plate apologetically. He doesn’t like the way Leeteuk sleeps so much that he still appears tired, even when waking up, like all his energy has been stolen away by some unknown source. He doesn’t like the way Leeteuk is looking thinner and paler each morning, almost like a ghost, drifting here and there.

And strangely enough, the others are affected almost to the same degree as Leeteuk.

Kangin isn’t as loud and Heechul doesn’t pull as many pranks on the members. The noisy music playing in Shindong’s room is muffled and not so frequent. Even Kyuhyun doesn’t play Starcraft as often.

They are too busy fussing over Leeteuk and making sure that he’s all right. But their knowledge of medicine and taking care of the sick can only go so far.

All he can do his murmur a silent prayer and joins Leeteuk by the couch, hoping to do what he can to make his leader as comfortable as he can.


O – o – o – O


When Leeteuk gets sick –

Ryeowook is usually the one to take him to the doctor.

Because if it was anyone else, Leeteuk would argue and refuse. When Kangin or Heechul uses their most threatening voices, Leeteuk glares back and they reluctantly snap their mouths shut. Even if Kyuhyun and Sungmin begs him to go and pulls their puppy eyes on him, Leeteuk doesn’t budge.

It’s not until Ryeowook finally pulls the last resort card.

“ Didn’t you say you would do anything for me, Teukie hyung?” he innocently asked, with an underlying tone of torture and cruelty on its way.

At that, Leeteuk would have no choice but to go. He can deal with Kangin’s temper and Heechul’s threats. He can handle Kyuhyun’s trembling bottom lip and Sungmin’s downcast eyes. But Ryeowook? That is something on an entirely different level by itself.

Ryewook follows him, just to make sure he actually does go. Because Teukie can be sneaky and cunning, trying to talk his way out of things. And here they are, sitting before a doctor, who is asking Leeteuk questions and inquiring about his health. Finally, she writes off a prescription and hands it to him.

“ I’ll make sure he actually takes it,” Ryeowook offers to the doctor, winking at her. Leeteuk blushes and she smiles.

“ Really, Ryeowook,” Leeteuk says with a sulk when they leave. “ You didn’t have to come. I could have come on my own.”

He snorts in disbelief and Leeteuk throws him an annoyed look. “ I really would!” he exclaims.

Nodding in a cynical way, Ryeowook simply throws an arm around his leader. “ Sure, hyung. Besides,” he adds. “ I wanted to come anyways.”

It is all worth it for the smile that Leeteuk will have when he’s getting better.

Like the one he is showing now.


O – o – o – O


When Leeteuk gets sick –

Kibum tries his hardest to reschedule his agenda, just so he can visit his friend.

Once he arrives back home, there will always be a chorus of “Kibum! Kibum, you’re back!”

And usually the loudest, whether sick or not, is Leeteuk.

Leeteuk is one of the most affectionate people he has come to know, always coddling and spoiling his “children” as he calls them, as much as he can. So he will run towards Kibum, half-draped in blankets and jackets, opening his arms in an embrace. And of course, he will gladly let his leader tackle him to the floor and they will end in a tangle of arms, blankets and shoes. While the others watching will soon laugh and join in on the tackle.

With all thirteen of them together again, Leeteuk cannot help but be happy. Now that all his “children” have come home, a mother like him can’t be any happier.

Since he is here now, he takes it upon himself to look after Leeteuk, fussing over him, cooking his meals and making sure he takes his medicine. “ Here, hyung. Let me do that,” he offers. And allows himself to be obedient to whatever Leeteuk wants.

Not that he minds. Leeteuk does all the work and more whenever one of them gets sick. He looks after them, taking care of them, watching over them until they get better. Now, it is Kibum’s turn to do that for Leeteuk.

It is a way for him to pay back to his leader what he has done for him and the others through the years.


O – o – o – O


When Leeteuk gets sick –

It’s Hankyung who makes his famous Chinese soup to get Teukie back on his feet.

“ Here you go,” he says, placing the bowl in front of him.

Usually, Leeteuk will eat it all without hesitation. But whenever he’s sick, his appetite is as diminished as his health.

“ I’m not feeling really hungry right now, Hankyung,” he regretfully says, staring at the bowl like it was his mortal enemy.

“ Just eat a little,” he urges gently, nudging the bowl closer to him. “ Even just one bite. It will make you feel better.”

“ Isn’t that what you said the last five times?” Leeteuk laughs, before covering his mouth in a hacking cough.

Hankyung quickly hands him a cup of water, his face crinkling in concern. Leeteuk swallows it, gulping it down, successfully managing to stop the coughing. “ Thanks,” he whispers croakily.

He tries to forget the way that Leeteuk momentarily loses the ability to breath by ploughing on back on task. “ The soup will get cold if you don’t drink it,” he pleads, picking up the spoon and dangling it before Leeteuk’s mouth.

Leeteuk looks half-amused, half-annoyed. “ Hankyung ...”

“ Where is the duck swimming? It’s trying to find its home!” he abruptly exclaims, making Leeteuk smile grudgingly. “ Come on, hyung,” he presses. “ Don’t you want to help the duck find its way home? It is one of your kind anyways.”

At this, Leeteuk chuckles and obediently opens his mouth for the “duck” to go home.

“ See? That wasn’t so bad,” Hankyung cheerfully grins.


O – o – o – O


When Leeteuk gets sick –

He often gets cranky, unhappy and unable to sleep. Which, in turn, makes several other members cranky, unhappy and unable to sleep. So Yesung volunteers to sit next to Leeteuk’s side and tries his best to get his leader to sleep, no matter bad the coughing or sneezing can get.

Sometimes, he will read to Leeteuk, telling a story about flying cows and dancing mirrors and gossiping telephones, so that Leeteuk laughs and he laughs too and they simply make more noise and more irritable members.

Another time he tucks himself into bed with Leeteuk and they giggle and talk about nothing in particular until both of them get too tired to keep on going.

Other times, he will sing to him, murmuring lullabies of their songs, of other songs, so soft and gentle that Leeteuk can’t help but close his eyes and drift to sleep.

But perhaps the most effective was something that the others don’t know about. Yesung doesn’t know how it happened or when it started. But it happens and he is surprised by the result of it.

Leeteuk doesn’t even need to ask or say a word. Yesung just does it.

He runs his fingers in Leeteuk’s hair in smooth, rhythmic motions, again and again, making swirling actions, curling, swimming in his locks of hair. His fingers melt and dives into the feather-like chocolate sienna and creamy amber.

As soon as he starts, Leeteuk is already asleep, curling close to him, a hand wrapping around his own, looking very much like a child.

In some ways, Leeteuk is like a child, despite being the oldest. And for that matter, Yesung wants to take care of him for as long as he can.


O – o – o – O


When Leeteuk gets sick –

Shindong gets the job to bundle him up. Since Leeteuk is recovering slowly and because he has so many big, heavy jackets and no one else but him to wear them, Shindong is all too happy to share them inspecting his work carefully, like a fashion designer.

A bright red and golden scarf, sewn by Hankyung for his birthday, ties neatly around Leeteuk’s neck, tucked neatly underneath his chin. He wears heavy, woollen mittens, snug and warm, a few sizes too big for his much smaller hands. His arms are so stiff and swollen with sleeves that he could barely move. Only Leeteuk’s face pokes out from the many thick layers and covers. And he isn’t looking very cheerful.

“ I look like an Eskimo,” Leeteuk complains.

Shindong grins, forcing another jacket through his arms. “ At this rate, you’ll get as fat as me,” he jokes.

“ I’m not fat,” he pouts. “ And neither are you,” he says, entirely serious.

A flush rises at the back of his neck and he quickly dips his head down so Leeteuk wouldn’t see.

Not once has Leeteuk ever look down upon him because of his size. Several other people have and it makes him feel ashamed sometimes for being in this group of perfectly sculpted idols.   

But Super Junior and her members never say any cruel words towards him and single him out for the purpose of bullying and shaming. If anything, they speak highly of him and treat him like he was one of them. To hear Leeteuk say the words, it makes him flush with both embarrassment and an indescribable relief.

“ All right then!” He quickly jumps to his feet, grabbing Leeteuk by the hand and leading him to the door. “ Let’s go!” He puts on an insanely bright, huge smile so that perhaps Leeteuk won’t see the pink spots on his cheeks.

Nevertheless, he suspects that Leeteuk knows anyways (his tricks are hard to be missed by their leader) and still, Leeteuk squeezes his hand back in comfort and support.


O – o – o – O


When Leeteuk gets sick –

Donghae notes that he will always insist that he is fine.

Even when recovering from his latest bout of sickness, he still goes around and does his schedule when the others protest and disagree with him.

In order to protect the others, he is content to wear a mask. And with the whole hype about the flu and sickness spreading around rapidly, especially during this season, everyone is near terrified of Teukie sometimes.

And Leeteuk encourages it. He certainly doesn’t want the others to get sick because of him. So he purposely stays away from the others, careful not to spread any germs. Because if the others gets sick on his account, they all know how devastated and guilty he will be afterwards.

Sometimes, Leeteuk worries so much about others that he forgets to worry about himself. It was his caring nature that is both his strength and his weakness.

Leeteuk is Super Junior’s leader. He wants to be strong and invincible and the light that shines its way for Super Junior. He carries the heavy burden of Super Junior on his own, trying desperately hard for them so that the others won’t worry and feel the weight of it. And he does it all with a smile, like it doesn’t bother him.

But even as Donghae reaches out and holds his hand tight, Leeteuk turning around in surprise, they both know that he doesn’t have to do it alone.

Because he has them and they are all willing to help share this burden of theirs.

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