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Super Junior Fanfiction - Sweet Child Of Mine

Title: Sweet Child Of Mine
Author: mystic-majestic
Disclaimer: I don’t own Super Junior.
Characters: Leeteuk + everyone
Rating: PG-13
Summary: They found him lying asleep in front of their door and he looked nothing less than an angel in the form of a child that was sent down personally for them.


Author’s Note: This is going to be a little series about how Super Junior would raise the baby angel Leeteuk. Of course, this is AU (alternate universe), so some things may seem a little strange, but I will do my best to keep things as in-character as possible. Feel free to give me constructive criticism, but no bashing or flaming.

There really isn’t a main story plot to this. Just drabbles and one-shots about Leeteuk and how the others interact with him. Each drabble or one-shot can stand on its own and some of them may be based on actual events. These stories will most likely be jumping around from different time periods, but I will let you know roughly the exact time period.

I mainly decided to write this, just so I could write about the fatherly side of the Super Junior, seeing how many of them love kids and would be great fathers.

The scene with Siwon and baby Leeteuk was actually inspired by my own experience with my niece. So the fascination of Siwon and the others as they watched, was actually encountered by me.

Sweet Child Of Mine

They liked to say that he fell from the heavenly skies above.


Because in a way, he truly did.


They had found him on the day of their debut, lying asleep on the corner of their front door, wrapped in a ragged blanket that seemed several sizes too big for him. It looked like it was swallowing him whole, leaving only his tiny face to poke out.


Donghae was the one who finally brought him inside. He said that being outside like that was no place for a child like him.


So they took him into their home, not knowing what else to do. Donghae sat down on the couch, cradling him back and forth, absently humming a tune. The others stood around, staring at the child.


He had a bit of a chubby face, round and fair and perfect. A mop of wisp-thin, light-brown hair covered most of his head, wavy and messy. He had thick eyelashes and they could see them twitching slightly as the eyes underneath the eyelids moved, dreaming about some faraway land that they knew nothing about.


“ There was no one with him? No note? Nothing at all?” Siwon asked.


Sungmin who had opened the door first, shook his head sadly. “ He was probably abandoned.”


There was a painful stretch of silence. They all heard about stories of children as young as this one, sometimes even younger or older, being left behind by their parents, forsaken and discarded because of the burden that followed in raising a child or for some other unexplained reason. Hankyung shuddered when he remembered how baby girls in China were easily thrown away and left for dead on the filthy dirt roads, in favour for the more beneficial, profitable boys.


“ We should call the police,” Kibum gently said. And after a silent nodding of heads, he went to the phone.


“ Do we have a bottle we could use, in case he wakes up?” Kyuhyun piped up in concern.


“ I’ll go find one,” Ryeowook offered, heading to the kitchen and they could hear him rummaging through the cupboards as quietly and quickly as he could.


“ You think he has a name?” Yesung suddenly asked, leaning in closer towards the child, as if to ask the child himself whether he had one or not.


Heechul stared incredulously at him. “ What does that have to do with anything?” he demanded.


“ Well, he looks about a year old. So he’s got to have a name.”


“ That doesn’t make sense.” Kangin rolled his eyes.


“ His parents must have given him a name during the time they still had him,” Eunhyuk pointed out.


“ Even if they did, what are the chances that we will know?” Heechul snorted. “ Ask the kid himself? He can’t even speak yet.”


“ How do you know that?” Shindong argued, his round face bright with enthusiasm. “ Maybe this one is a genius.”


“ If my kid was a genius, I’m not giving him up to a bunch of strange people like you.”


“ You’re the strangest of them all.”


“ What do you say?!”


Before anyone else could reply, there was a squeal of protest interrupting their conversation. In their surprise, they all immediately turned towards the little bundle in Donghae’s arms.


The child had opened his eyes and they flicked back and forth from face to face, slowly absorbing in his surroundings. His eyes were a beautiful, auburn color, painted to almost a golden honey brown in midst of the morning light. In that one instant they all locked eyes with the child, they saw a myriad of emotions glimmering in his eyes. From annoyance, surprise, confusion and apprehension.


His little body shifted and his legs kicked out, bumping into Donghae’s arms. He lolled his head, craning to get a better view, his arms fumbling underneath the blanket. He gave another louder whine and Donghae hastened to loosen his grip. His soft, plump lips seemed to be arranged in a satisfied grumble before settling back down comfortably, gazing matter-of-factly back at the strangers who watched him.


None of them knew what to say or do. It was the first time any of them had been in contact with a child so young and without any guidance as to what to do with him. Ryeowook nearly dropped all the bottles in his arms in his surprise. Kibum held the phone in his hand slackly, while a tetchy voice spoke persistently from the other line. Siwon and Hankyung who had been digging through all their books to find something about children, stood motionlessly at the doorway.


Finally, Eunhyuk bent down, near eye-level with the child and said in a cheery voice, “ Hi there!”


The silence broke and a wave of disapproval came flooding towards Eunhyuk.


“ What was that suppose to be?”


“ You know he’s not going to answer back.”


“ That was the dumbest thing you could have done.”


“ You probably scared the kid even more now.”


All the noise made the child whimper and protest irritably (“See? What did I just say?”), struggling against Donghae’s hold.


“ It’s all right,” Kyuhyun cooed to him, gently relieving him from Donghae and settling him in his arms. “ You don’t like the noise, do you?”


Seemingly nodding his head, the child leaned against Kyuhyun’s shoulder, snuggling close to the warmth and softness of Kyuhyun’s shirt. With a great yawn, his mouth stretched open and they could see the gaps of where teeth will pop up and a great slobbering thing that was his tongue.


“ Think he likes you, Kyuhyun,” Shindong teased.


“ Everyone likes Kyuhyun,” Heechul grumbled.


Sticking his tongue out, Kyuhyun refocused his attention on the child, where Sungmin had managed to grab a hold of a pink bunny.


“ Hello! My name is Sungmin!” he chirped, having the bunny bow its head and wave its arms earnestly. Interested, the child watched in excitement, following the bunny’s movements. “ This is Kyuhyun.” The bunny vaguely pointed a hand towards him. “ And we are going to be looking after you for a while. Do you like that?”


Giggling, the child squealed in pure happiness, a sound that heartened and delighted all of them in that very room. And before they knew it, in a blink of an eye, his fast, little hands managed to snatch the bunny right out of Sungmin’s astonished hands.


Kangin whistled. “ The kid’s good.”


Ignoring them, he examined the pink bunny, flipping it around, pulling at its arms and legs, and even biting its ears, before he dropped the bunny out of lack of interest.


They all burst out into laughter, while Sungmin dejectedly picked up his bunny, glancing worriedly at the wet, chewed ends of the ears.


“ That wasn’t very nice,” Siwon scolded the child without much bite to it, wagging a finger towards him.


Then, something amazing happened, as the child reached out and grabbed Siwon’s proffered finger.


None of them seemed to breathe as they watched the child’s tiny fingers squeeze and release Siwon’s much bigger finger again and again in captivated fascination. The child did the exact same thing to Siwon’s entire hand as he did with Sungmin’s  bunny. He scrutinized every single inch of the hand, running his little fingers along the palm of Siwon’s hand, pressing against the grooves of soft flesh.


He found his way into the ridges between each fingers, three of his own fingers fitting neatly between two fingers. From there, the child skimmed his fingers over smooth knuckles and the slope of the back of Siwon’s hand. Both of his hands could barely wrap around Siwon’s wrist. His face scrunched up in concentration as he tried, but failed to.


Almost sighing in disappointment, he made his way back over to the other side of Siwon’s hand, finding his way to the pinkie finger. Eyes widened, the child wrapped both hands around the finger and to his immense joy, his two little hands fitted perfectly there.

With a squeal of delight, the child looked up at the adults and a stunning, rapturous smile erupted forth from his face that glowed and shone of love and happiness that no words could possibly explain.

They knew from that very moment that they were lost to the charms of this little angel child.

Part 2

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